Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yes, We Hate!

It burns in our bones - we feel justice is a must and there must be a way to achieve it. But...we know not how as we don’t believe it is religion or god who’ll bring it.
We desire to clearly see the evil and differ it from the innocent. And when we think we do see the evil, ho....we hate it! Hate makes us feel pure but also blind to reality. Nothing matters once we set a clear path lighten by our righteous hate. Once we hit the road, nothing matters where it is taking us to.
For the practicing leftist today’s world is very confusing. Once we knew the proletarians needed to be saved and we had to hate their pig capitalist oppressors. Now the proletarians just want Nike and Coca Cola (OK, you’re right – they also want McDonald's). They want their own house and not to die for the cause of a just world (well, they never did). The 'oppressors' are cherishing plural systems, which in an akward way give a slightly fair chance to everyone. The left did a very good job convincing people that they deserve living a better life – So no wonder they don’t want to fight. They want to live.
So where does it leave us, the just-world-mongers? One step at a time we managed to create a new set of coordinates for our path. We pointed out the multi national brands and corps, the globalization and the USA among others (did I say Israel?). Yes we hate!
Note, I didn’t say ‘Yes we can!’ – Not only because ‘true’ leftists tend to see Obama (as they did with Tony Blair when he was first elected) as an extension of the system they detest – but since leftist offer nothing constructive nowadays.
The fresh winds of change and a new world once generated by the world’s left turned to smell like the rotten body of an old red lady. Is it the smell of an already defunct ideology?