Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are leftists, we like to speak

We are Juan and Dario. We were born in different continents and live in different countries, but share a world. We speak different languages but share one. We share no religion and no land.
My father taught me love for people and for my people.   Love for people not as compassion – love as the sense of seeking for what is just.  I cried over the story of the little child secretly working at night for his father, without him knowing of it (read it here). De Amicis, the writer, punched me in the stomach – he always accompanied me reminding me that not everyone are lucky and things like the smile of your father aren’t obvious. These stories embedded in you a sense of right and wrong – sometimes as strong as a religious, but with no God – as I knew, that if a child’s life can be so sorrowful, God must not exist or be on a prolonged vacation.

Our families, people and social background aren’t similar, but we share disappointments.  We mourn together for the disappearance of the left knew. And no, we aren’t communists. We are liberals, democrats and believe in competition as a way of continuous improvement.

Ultimately, years after reading De Amicis, I met Juan’s uncle. A truly religious man, who showed me that ‘the left’ extends far beyond the border lines of secularism vs. religion. We do not know what it means being ’left’ nowadays, nor we intend to define it. We just know that it is our stomach and mind that it comes from. We know that we want the stomach to teach the mind good and bad, and the critic mind to control the actions and beliefs of the few called ‘left’.
We are endeavoring in this journey to understand the place and meaning of left in these days. We promise to bother you with short posts, not that it won’t be easy. If there is something we like more thatn justice, people and love, it is talking about it…

So here is the first insight of this blog – the cry of today’s left is “Leftist of the world, speak!” – Yes! We are both devoted leftists…Uniting is too much effort….Speaking is much easier…


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