Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Spanish "Revolution" and the "Arab Spring"

When the "Arab Spring" and the "Spanish Revolution" broke out in the Spring of 2011 I was skeptic and Juan was slightly optimistic. I claimed that there is no organization and leaders behind the Spanish manifestations and that I fear there may be non-democratic agendas who'll take over the Arab manifestations...Juan insisted in believing in the human spirit. It was a odd situation - our postures are commonly reverse.

From a distance of months, we cannot yet have a clear view over this historical events. The process isn't over yet.

What we know is that the youth in the Arab countries is still taking on the streets. Though, I believe that if what we fear will occur and some of the regimes that will eventually take over will be theocratic, it won't be a "Game Over" move.  Maybe, the masses will have to face a reality in which non-liberal religion practices do not provide them with solutions and nothing even near to their dreams...Maybe, this is the only path for humans. We always find it hard to learn from other societies' experience. Most of you have never felt the heat of the middle eastern summer, which comes after the spring. It's hot, very hot. I hope I am wrong and it'll get straight to the a mild and friendly winter.

The Spanish 'Revolution' was subdued by its own participants. It was prematurely killed by lack of  large scale organization, leadership and the taking over of extremists voices who left no place for  practical steps and for the masses to join in. There are still some neighborhood level committees, but I won't count of anything come out of it. Above all, we see here an example of the strength and elasticity of a liberal enough society and democratic enough political system. I think Juan will be able to share more about it.

Well, at least I had a good moment of laugh during the "Spanish Revolution" , when we got a peek at what will happen when geeks will take over.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="543" caption="Credits to @acampadasol"]When geeks take on the street [/caption]

You can enjoy the original version here. Monty Python - The Spanish Inquisition!



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